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TimeStar HRMS, Time and Attendance Software - New York, Massachusetts and Washington

With labor management solutions, one size does not fit all! This is why USercom offers a carefully selected and diverse range of cutting-edge HRMS technology. Your Usercom consultant will work closely with your team to analyze each solution’s benefits.

Timestar Software Products

TimeStar Enterprise - TimeStar Enterprise is a comprehensive time and attendance, automation, and labor management solution, which is scalable to meet the demands of organizations ranging from small business to Fortune 500.

TimeStar On-Demand - Employees, supervisors and management are empowered within your workflow with the 100% browser-based, intuitive user interface and "any-time, any-where" access. Eliminate burdensome manual processes by offering employee and supervisor self-services.

TimeStar for Windows - TimeStar for Windows® is the proven, industry standard solution for comprehensive time and attendance automation within your Microsoft Windows® network. Deployed in thousands of diverse and demanding businesses environments, TimeStar for Windows® offers an ideal balance of ease-of-use, affordability and flexible functionality.

Encompass Enterprise-HRMS - Encompass HRMS achieves exactly what its name conveys - it "encompasses" the entire scope of your workforce management objectives, with a single-source, integrated technology solution. Encompass Enterprise-HRMS is a feature-rich, integrated workforce management solution, which offers unparalleled "punch-to-paycheck" capabilities, spanning Human Resources, Benefits, Time & Attendance and Payroll.

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