Accurately collect project time and expense data and track actual costs

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Streamline processes, automate task management and increase the accuracy of your project forecasting. Sage TimeSheet can add sophisticated data collection to all major financial, project management, payroll, and accounting systems.

Sage TimeSheet provides all the tools needed to accurately collect project time and expense data, track actual costs against a budget, and generate more accurate time-to-completion estimates. Sage TimeSheet can add sophisticated time and expense tracking data to financial, project management and payroll systems - or it can function as a stand-alone project time and expense tracking tool.

Easy to install and administer, and flexible enough to accommodate highly-complex business rules without customization, Sage TimeSheet is ideal for businesses that want to electronically assign project tasks to employees, and collect data on actual time spent and cost incurred.

  • Improve project profitability, increase the accuracy of your project budgeting, scheduling, and billing, and ensure compliance
  • Record actual time worked and expenses incurred against specific projects
  • Integration with Microsoft Project and other project management and billing systems
  • Completely configurable and customizable
  • Built-in reporting tools for analyzing data

Sage TimeSheet 100 Can Grow With Your Company:
Sage TimeSheet 100 supports connectivity to the MSDE and Microsoft Access database platforms, providing smaller companies with exceptional tools for time tracking and reporting on projects and expenses.

Sage TimeSheet 500 Offers an Enterprise Solution:
With Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle database platform connectivity support, Sage TimeSheet 500 is provides larger companies a fully customizable, enterprise solution for project expense and time tracking. It includes more powerful time tracking and reporting options, plus custom menus, a comprehensive audit trail, automatic job scheduling, and more.

Sage Timesheet Abra Version

Sage TimeSheet:
Abra Edition is a Web-based application designed specifically for organizations using Sage Abra Payroll. For over a decade, thousands of organizations have relied on Sage TimeSheet as their time and expense tracking software to provide up-to-the minute analysis on project budget costs, estimated time-to-completion, and resource utilization. Additionally, Abra Edition integrates with Abra Workforce Connections, allowing the employee to view and enter their information from a single location.

Data Export to Abra Payroll:
Abra Edition captures employee information for export to Abra Payroll, including earnings codes, labor allocations, and expenses. Automatically map earnings codes to Abra Payroll to easily update accruals, providing more accurate payroll reporting. A comprehensive audit trail in Sage TimeSheet provides documented compliance that meets DCAA Contract Audit standards, assuring labor hours are accurately verified with a date and time stamp.

Comprehensive Reporting Tools:
Information retrieval is a snap with the Sage TimeSheet Job Scheduler, which allows the payroll administrator to automatically transfer information from employee timesheets into your payroll software. Abra Edition provides comprehensive reporting tools for quick answers to your payroll-related questions. Eliminate delays in the payroll process with valuable reports such as Missing Time and Exception reports, as well as Employee Timesheet and Activity Analysis.

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