Exchange data quickly and easily between Sage Abra HRMS and other HR and payroll systems.

Sage Abra Link - Sage Abra HRMS New York, Massachusetts and Washington

Sage Abra Link saves you time and minimizes the hassle of duplicatiing data entry by sharing information between different programs.

Sage Abra Link features:

Save Hours of Data Entry Time

  • Shorten the time required to import employee and applicant data from other human resources, recruiting, payroll, benefits and spreadsheet systems into Sage Abra HRMS.
  • Eliminate hours of manual data entry when building employee information into a new Sage Abra HRMS installation.
  • Sage Abra Link can handle virtually any type of ASCII file created from a mainframe, payroll or service bureau system and convert the information for immediate use in Sage Abra HRMS software.
  • Use Sage Abra Link to update Sage Abra HR with employee changes and new employee information after each payroll run.

Easily Manage Ongoing Importing and Exporting

  • Establish reusable templates to handle ASCII file importing and exporting between Sage Abra HRMS and other systems.
  • Transfer other time, attendance and payroll information to Sage Abra HRMS routinely, quickly and accurately.
  • Deliver information to spreadsheet programs for easy evaluation of data, such as salary scales and benefit cost options.
  • Select your own import/export criteria - target information affected by a specific date or from a specific employee group.

Link Sage Abra HRMS with Direct Data Importing and Exporting from ADP® PC/Payroll for Windows®

  • Export employee information from the Sage Abra HR database to ADP PC/Payroll for Windows versions 2.52 and above.
  • Automatically transfer changes to employee benefits, salary, demographics, or other data into ADP database.
  • Avoid duplicate data entry, saving time and eliminating key stroke error.
  • Sage Abra Link is pre-formatted to import data directly from ADP PC/Payroll into Sage Abra HR. Simply create an MFOUTfile in ADP's system, and Sage Abra Link will transfer up to 30 information fields.

Transfer a Host of Information from ADP PC/Payroll for Windows

Here's a sample of what Sage Abra Link can transfer from ADP PC/Payroll:

  • Identification numbers
  • Names, social security numbers
  • Personal statistics including addresses and phone numbers
  • Pay information
  • Job codes and titles
  • Hiring information
  • Up to four miscellaneous pay fields (i.e., commissions, bonuses, etc.)

Maintain Maximum Security of Sensitive Data

  • Protect key information with sophisticated, multi-level security. Powerful security options allow you to control which groups have access to data at any level.
  • Create and assign an unlimited number of user IDs and passwords.
  • Easily follow audit trails to identify who made each change by date, time, and type of change.

One Family of Integrated Products

  • Maintain records and training profiles for each employee, ensuring training requirements are met on time with Sage Abra Train.
  • Expand your attendance tracking capabilities with Sage Abra Attendance, which allows easy setup of virtually unlimited variations of employee attendance and timeoff plans.
  • Prepare organizational charts in minutes with Sage Abra OrgPlus. Create and automatically update organizational charts from information already in them Sage Abra HRMS database. Once created, you can perform budgeting and scheduling on different organizational structures.
  • With Sage Abra Employee Self-Service, reduce the administrative burden on the HR and payroll departments by giving employees and managers the flexibility to view and update their personal information using an Internet browser.
  • Communicate more efficiently with employees, managers and job candidates using Sage Abra Alerts, which sends automatic email messages that monitor dates and events, verify information changes, and send proactive notices for specific actions and dates you specify.

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Sage Abra HRMS is the market leader in HR, payroll, benefits, and compliance solutions. The Sage Abra family of HRMS solutions provides a comprehensive and robust set of tools to streamline HR and payroll processes. Its line of payroll, recruiting, training and compliance solutions provides a single, seamlessly-integrated database and powerful reporting tools to help businesses increase productivity and tackle challenging HR issues.

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